how to apply the same crop settings to all clips?

If I have the crop effect set up how I like one one clip on the timeline - how do I copy this effect to the other 2 or 3 clips on the timeline?

ok found this on the web:
applying same effect to other clips on timeline:
The first method is to do a right-click-COPY on the clip in the timeline containing the effects. Move to the clip in need of the same and right-click on it. Choose Paste Effects.
You can also save your own effect settings such that they will be available in your effect menu. In the Effect Stack, click the Save icon under the effect you wish to save. Enter a new name for the effect. From now on, you can apply that effect with those settings onto any clip by right clicking on the clip > Add Effect > Custom.

well I am trying to solve this problem so I landed here.

I do not understand either how to copy effects. I have scale and tilt and rotate to cpoy to some 30 clips ....

¿anyone wiyh a solution?


Applying some effect to a whole track (divided in many clips) can be achieved with drag and drop from effect list to the header of the track (where it's written Video 1, ...). When it's done a star is added, it's a shortcut to edit effects parameters.
Many effects can be stacked on a track.