How can I change the frame rate of a video

I'm not sure if this topic goes in the effects,or rendering heading so I'll put it under "General". I would like to know how to convert video shot at 30fps to 24,16,or even 12fps, or give the appearance that the footage was shot with a movie camera shooting at one of these frame rates.
The methods I've tried before cause the video to play too fast when rendered. I want the footage to play at a normal speed,just with the kinda jerky motion associated with a lower frame rate.
Any help would be appreciated.

You could try rendering using a custom render profile - see - that you have set up with a low frame rate - maybe. Just a thought. Not tried it.
but tells me you can specify a frame rate with -r 15 to make it a 15fps clip - so this might work.

If you are capturing your video from fire wire you could use an extra dvgrab parameter to make it capture every second frame.

add "-every 2" to the extra dvgrab parameter bit in firewire capture.