How can I get more effects?

Hey all,

I know there are many more effects than the picture here ( shows.

How can I get those?

just install the frei0r-plugins (look for "frei0r" in the package manager if you can't find that exact package name)

Hi :)
It's already installed... any other possibilities?

You're obviously missing Frei0r effects. Check back.

Weird... here ( it says, it's installed. Maybe Kdenlive doesn't recognize it?

Try rerunning the config wizard.

Done, but nothing happened... :o

You are either missing the MLT frei0r plugin, or it can not find the frei0r effects on your system. Try 'locate' in a terminal window to see if it exists. If it does, report its location and also run 'locate frei0r-1' to see where the plugins are located and report that location as well. Did you build kdenlive yourself or from package? There were some problems with some frei0r plugins causing kdenlive to crash on some distros, which is why perhaps the plugin was not built.

I did that to install Kdenlive: couldn't be located... :o

Puzzlenoise, are you running interpid?

The ppa repository of Dominik Stadler just got updated end of this week.
The new libmlt1 version 0.4.2-1ubuntu2~ppa2 has dependency against frei0r-plugins-dev, bringing all those expected plugins. Thanks to Dominik and the team.

You'll need an apt update (sudo apt-get update) and a package upgrade, or dist-upgrade for convenience.

Nope, I'm running Jaunty Jackalope.

Cool, I updated the libmlt1 and now everything's working fine and I have the effects.

Thank you all =)