How can I render the same project in different resolutions?

Having worked on a dozen small Kdenlive projects so far, I'm (still) having some issues, so I'm asking here for help. Maybe one or another issue may actually be a bug, but before filing bug issues, I want to make sure that the problem is not me in fact. For your information: I'm using the most recent kdenlive compilations from sunab's bleeding repository on a Kubuntu 12.04 installation.

Now for my problem: I would like to render the same project into both 720p as well as 1080p footage. My source footage is 1080p footage. I started the project with the 720p resolution and created all the title clips, et cetera. When I later change the project resolution to 1080p then the title clips won't be resized and are thus too small and get framed by a big bad black border.

How can I avoid this problem? What am I doing wrong here?

Any help greatly welcomed. And many thanks for the great work of Kdenlive!
-- TheDiveO

do the project in 1080p to begin with, then when you render it the second time use the rescale option on the render menu to make it smaller.

Ah, I see ... so that is how to make use of the rescale option. Thank you for the help!

Now for the projects I already did in 720p: upscaling probably doesn't make sense as it would result in bad quality?

>upscaling probably doesn't make sense as it would result in bad quality?

If the source is in 720, then yes.

source is 1080p. But the title clips are not for some reason I don't understand. Some of tyhem automatically resize with perfect quality, some don't automatically resize at all.

>Some of tyhem automatically resize with perfect quality, some don't automatically resize at all.

Strange. Can you see any differences in the clips format? Do they all come from the same source?

Regarding rerendering at different resolutions, generally suggested to do the project at maximum anticipated delivery size needed, obviously source resolution has some bearing on that, then render once to a lossless codec or if disc space / archive / backup is more of a concern render to a decent quality codec like h264 and at a bitrate at or just above that suitable for the maximum anticipated delivery quality required ie: bluray perhaps, that becomes your mezzanine file.

Then you can use a commandline batch encode with ffmpeg or other from that mezzanine to all other codecs and resolutions, devices you might want like a bluray, DVD, mobile media player etc.

The reason to do it that way rather than rerender at a different resolution in your project is that if you have a lot of color processing, effects, transitions etc they all take time to render, so really only want to render them once to a mezzanine and the reencode is faster.

As for the clips: the resize problems only occur with title clips generated in Kdenlive. There are no problems with the other clips as the source footage is all 1080p. This is the raw h264 footage from my HD Hero2 diving cam. Only some title clips make problems and so far I couldn't figure out any scheme as to why some make trouble while others won't.

Thanks for the rendering trick: yes, it's better to do it this way and rendering the best quality master and reencoding from it. At first, I wasn't sure that this wouldn't result in inferior downrendered material, but this seems to be a false concern of mine.

I found that if you use a compositing that changes the position/size of the title, it won't resize during rescale at all. It strictly follows the compositing. So, yellows way to create different resolutions should be preferred.

Thanks guys, this re-scaling problem has been bugging me for a while now. At least now I know.