How to convert vob to FCE and import vob into FCE for editing?

Edit VOB with FCE - How to convert vob to FCE and import vob into FCE for editing?

Did you face the problem that edit vob files with Final Cut Express on Mac? For many of us, we can't import vob into FCE directly for the Final Cut Express doesn't support .vob files. So if you want to edit vob files with FCE, you should convert vob to FCE and import vob into FCE at first.

Mac VOB to FCE Converter can help you convert vob files to FCE .dv which is the Final Cut Express supports format (FCE support DV, HDV, AVCHD, etc.), and then import vob into FCE for editing. With the VOB to FCE Converter for Mac, you just need several clicks to transfer your vob files into FCE and then edit your vob files with Final Cut Express.

VOB to FCE Converter for Mac is much more powerful and useful than you think. Just free download the best partner for you to import vob into FCE, try the Mac VOB to FCE Converter now!

How to import vob into FCE with VOB to FCE Converter?

Step 1: Add vob files

Free download, install and run Mac Video Converter, then click "Add File" button to select your vob footages.

Step 2: Choose output format: "DV -Digital Video Format (*.dv)"

Seletc the right profile .dv that can be supported by Final Cut Express.

Step 3: Convert

When you get ready, Click the "Convert" button to start conversion.

Step 4: Importing convertion video files to Final Cut Express

Launch Final Cut Express, go to "file > import movies". Select the converted dv video then click "import".


I have downloaded a movie in flv format some days ago on my mac. It plays well on Windows Media Player. However, it couldn’t play on both Windows Media Player and my blu-ray when I tried to download another video today. I want to know how to change it from a flv file and what kind of format do I need to have. I downloaded an video in flv format of 70 MB. But when I tried to convert flv in mov by using format factory 2.95, its size became as large as 110 MB. I hope I can convert these flv files especially in mov correctly without increasing the size of the files and losing the quality as before in the video. Is there another converter that with all the facilities like in FF and shouldn’t bloat memory or hang/restart my system? I used to record a video of my uncles’s marriage that be converted into mov so that it would be convenient to delete the original one. It can be played on camera until today. But how can I convert it back again, I am using mac os x 10.5.8?

My friend made a slide show/video of us on mswmm some years ago. I can’t watch it owing to my laptop is windows 7. How to convert it to a file or anything else so that I can watch it? Can I convert mts video to an mov video? I have an mts video file that I am eager to make it go on my ipod music section. But it is failed because I really don’t know how to convert an mts video into mov format. Can anyone tell me how to do that? I hope I can these hd mts or m2ts movies much easier. But I don’t know how to convert them to 3d ones. I will be glad if anyone can help me to make the final format to be mov. I have a p2300 dvd pioneer stereo in my 2003 chevy avalanche that I always used to convert my videos. I used to convert them to the lowest resolution avaliable which can be saved to be 320 x 240. However, I want it would be restored at least can play files converted to at least 720x576.
I found there is something wrong with my Windows Movie Maker because I can’t open it any more. It said that it can’t be imported because the codec required to play the file isn’t installed on your computer at all whenever I tried to open a video in it. So, I have to download and install the codec, close and restart Windows Movie Maker and then try again.

I tried to restart windows movie maker and converting the videos to open in some software, such as windows movie maker, quickplayer, windows media player and so on. I tried to convert an mov video file to WMV on mac. But the result isn’t ideal. So, I want to know how to convert it in order to keep its quality. I want to make a film by using a mov clip without downloading any extra software. Is there another mov converters on the internet that I need to have? Now, I need to have a wmv video cut down three minutes rather than cut anymore out of it. I taped with a flip camera and then using the editing software which with it. I want to make my file be 1GB or much smaller. But now, it is almost 1.1GB that will take more time to combine the clips together. I have tried many times but all are too big. However, I can’t cut anything else out of the video. I have no choice but to convert it in another way.
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