How to copy/clone a title clip ?


this is maybe a strange question but I want to create a final credits in a movie with several text screens
or a title clip on which some text lines emerge in time intervals.
The problem is when I create multiples clips from scratch the text can not be placed exact on the same position as the text in the clip before.
When I append such multiple text clips the text jumps from clip to clip.
For this I want to create a text clip, copy it and change only the text contents. So the text is always on the same position.

Is there a way to do that or is this maybe such a feature in future planned ?


There is another way to do it. Take a look at this tutorial clip.

And then it came to mind that it is even much simpler to do in KDEnlive itself.
create your credits in some editor, select them all (ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+C) them to clipboard.
Go into the title editor and select the simple-scroll template from the Example otions in the bottom line.
It will come with a standard line, select the entire line and Ctrl+V your own credits into the text block.
Leave the start frame as it is, move to bottom left slider as far to the left as is necessary to zoom out and see your complete credits and move the red END block to the endo of your credits. Edit them as you like.
Change the default time of the clip from 5 seconds to an appropriate value: do that with the clip properties, not by dragging it longer in the timeline.

Hi hvdwolf,

Ups. This feature I not realized by now. I missed it since I using this fantastic tool. But now it's there.
Yes for my credits it is the best solution. ;-))

Much thanks for your hint.

Sorry for my disaffection but for my second item I see no solution.

I'm working currently on a movie of the canaric islands and I want to create a title clip with a picture of
all islands and the names of it. But the names should not displayed in one step. The clips should start with
one name on the picture then a second should emerge then the 3rd and so on.
In the last clip all names should be displayed. Currently I can only create all the clips one after the other
and I have no help to place in (e.g.) the second clip the text from the first at exact the same position as
in the first clip.
Cloning of clips would help.
When I use the same X/Y values for the text from the prev clip in the next clip the
text is not shown on the same position (but I'm not sure).

OK, forget my question. The X/Y values works fine. I testet it now. Sorry.