How to create and publish a video tutorial using Kdenlive 0.7.1

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This forum shall be used to discuss and publish video tutorials. As you know, any registrered user can submit video tutorials. You may submit very short (2 min) or longer video tutorials (describing projects). Any idea welcome. As video tutorial can be watched by 1000+ members, this is very useful to spend some time creating video tutorials. This may also convince some MacOsX and Windows users to try GNU/Linux.


Create a Kdenlive 1280x720 profile, PAR 1, DAR 16:9, 15fps.

Create an empty project using this profile. Use gtk-recordmydeskop or Kdenlive 0.7.1 to record your desktop. Shoot at 1280x720, 15fps.

Advertise in this forum. Wait for validation from website admins.

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"Publish the resulting video on"

According to the form at
you can also publish it at
Google or Vimeo

edit: And also added to the list sometime in the last day "dailymotion" and "youtube"


Can we record our screen using kdenlive. I wanna make a screen recording video like this one but I don't know how this guy managed to record his screen, add his voice and there are lots of editing in the video as well. How are they done. Is it possible with Kdenlive?