How to cut in an exact point?

Hi, i'm new to kdelive.

When I try to divide one clip, first I find the exact point I want to cut with the vertical line of the timeline. Then I select de cut tool and then... I don't know how exactly I can cut in the point where the guide is, because the vertical guide is not magnetic. So, I can never be sure you cut in the point I want.

Maybe there is an easy answer?


As I never hard cut a clip I'm not sure if there is a better answer but if you zoom right in you can see the individual frames for exact point.

To cut to the exact frame in the timeline I never use the razor tool, it's just not accurate enough. Find the frame you want for the cut, I use the mouse wheel in the Project Monitor, then place the mouse over the clip in the timeline, right click and select 'cut clip'. Job done.

You can also copy a section of a clip accurately from the Clip Monitor using the in and out points and drag it to the timeline.