How do Color Correct?

How do color correction effected in Kdenlive?

I can't figure it out.

What steps to I use?

I'm running 0.7.8 on Ubuntu 11.04

Right click on track, "add effect", "colour correction" and then choose what you need.

Did what you suggested but I don't see any change to the video.

You must watch the project monitor.
What effect did you select and did you try to change the parameters?

I tried- R (whatever that is) and G (same comment) Lens correction.

No change occurred, except when I used the Charcoal...which is certainly something I have no need of.

What I'm trying to do is enhance the color of a video. I want all colors to be richer.

I guess you probably want to increase the saturation. The appropriate effect is called just that, "saturation". You might want to try contrast too.

However, if nothing changes when you use other effects, there is probably something wrong with your installation...

SaturatOR is the only effect with that name.

Of course....nothing happens when I try to apply it.

Maybe there is something wrong with the installation like you said.

Tried a new installation of Kdenlive.

The new one has color correction of some sort.

'Not impressed.

You could try using 0.8.2 from sunabs release PPA 0.7.8 is a bit old, there are a number of color correction effects in 0.8.x, SOP/SAT probably the most useful to you and scopes too. ;-)