How do I crop a large clip to fit in a smaller project?

I have a project set to 854x480 resolution. One of the clips I have is 10 pixels too wide: 864x480. When I add the clip to the project it tells me that it does not match my project's profile and asks if I want to change my profile. I click on 'Cancel', since I want to keep my profile at 854x480, but it still displays the clip in my clip list.

Now I want to crop 4 pixels off the left and 6 off the right so that it matches the 854x480 resolution of my project. There doesn't appear to be any way to do that while it's sitting in my clip list, so I drag it into my previously empty Video 1 track. When I look in the Project Monitor I can see the extra pixels on the left and right, which I want to get rid of.

I add the 'Crop & scale -> crop' effect to the clip. Now the Project Monitor shows a little yellow square near the upper-left corner of the image and the image is surrounded by a dotted rectangle. The sides of the rectangle run exactly down the sides of the clip, but for some reason the top of the rectangle is a couple of pixels above the top of the clip and the bottom of the rectangle is about 5 pixels below the bottom of the clip.

Since I want to trim 4 pixels from the left, I set the X parameter in the effect to 4 and the Y to 0. The yellow square moves 4 pixels to the right, which is correct.

I want the final width of the clip to be 854 so I set the W parameter to 854 and this is where things start to get wonky. A second yellow square appears near the upper right corner of my clip, but instead of being inset 6 pixels from the right edge of the clip (864 - 854 - 4 = 6) it's set about 4 pixels to the *right* of the right edge of the clip. It appears that the 864x480 clip has already been scaled down to 854x474 and then padded in the Y dimension to fit the 854x480 size of the project. The crop effect is then being applied to the clip *after* that scaling has taken place.

I want the clip to be cropped first so that it then fits the project exactly without being scaled. Is there a way that I can do that?


This isn't much help to you but I had same problems with cropping, there seemed to be auto scaling always so I must admit I just gave up trying to use it. I thought it very unintuitive.

The effect stack is being reworked at the moment. Hopefully things will improve.