How do I get Insert Mode editing on?

Why is the Insert Mode edit method button allways greyed out?

Insert mode is not implemented yet.

Btw. thanks for your great work on our manual!

"Insert mode is not implemented yet."

Right then. That would explain it. I dunno what it would do if it was implimented. I certainly don't seem to miss it. I was just wondering what it was there for.

"Btw. thanks for your great work on our manual!"

You are very welcome. Thanks for your great work on the magnificance that is Kdenlive. Manuals I can do. Coding Kdenlive - not too sure. I have a hankering to one day have a go at fixing a few stupid cosmetic bugs but I figure I should wait until the "refactoring".

I hope you developer types have a critical read of what I have written in the manual - because there is every chance I have got some of it wrong.


It should allow for inserting clips between each other. For instance, if you have a long video with a lot of clips, using insert mode would allow for easy inserting of another clip. Now you need to group all of the clips that are in front and then move them manually, which is tedious when there are a lot of clips and transitions after the place where you want a new clip inserted. I hope this gets implemented soon...

That said, the spacer tool can be used for that as well, but it doesn't automatically add the exact amount of space you need to insert a clip.