How do I split the viedo screen into three segments?

Hello! I,m totally new using Linux and Kdelive, so I aprecciate any help :)
How do I split my video screen into three segments of the same size? The idea is to create a effect like the one used in the video Always by Blink 182. Someone told me to use the "composite" effect but that didn't divide the screen how I wanted it.


You need the composite transition to be able to view more than one track of the timeline. For each clip on the timeline, additionally add an effect to move and resize the clip and arrange them as needed. Set the target in the upmost composite transition to lowest track, to see all three tracks at the same time.

If you still have trouble, please post a picture of the effect you want to achieve.

for each composite transition you need to select linear_y.pgm from the wipe file menu and then adjust the opacity slider to set the position.

OK, let me try to explain this, I just figured it out myself, and it is truly astounding that there is no coherent explanation here as far as I have been able to find. It is somewhat complicated by the fact that prior versions of Kdenlive behaved somewhat differently.

A disclaimer - I am running Kdenlive 0.9.2 installed with MacPorts on a Macbook Pro. I don't know if it works exactly the same on the various distros of Linux or from version to version.

If you want three video clips in small independent windows, you need four video tracks; if you want four video clips, say dividing the screen into quarters, you need five video tracks. I set my default (Kdenlive | Preferences) to five video tracks and three audio tracks.

The last track contains a black color clip stretched out as as long as the other clips. Then you put a Composite transition on each clip, and make the target of all transitions the LAST video track, video 4 (for 3 windows) or 5 (for 4 windows), the one with the black color clip.

Now put the timeline scanner exactly on the beginning of each clip, and highlight the Composite transition for that clip. You will see a pulsing green triangle on the left end of the transition. Click on it and the Transitions window will show you the values for the clip's position and size and let you change them. The Project monitor will put a yellow box with handles that you can drag around the clip that the transition is attached to. You can resize the clip by dragging the handles and reposition it by dragging with the hand. Do this for each clip. The timeline scanner must be precisely at the beginning of the clip, because Kdenlive puts an automatic keyframe there, and you can only change the size and position when the timeline scanner is on the keyframe. You might zoom in for more precision. You can do this visually or by setting x and y coordinates and size parameters for each clip.

Hope this helps!

You can see a sample here: