How to edit the user manual ?


just have a look at the user manual to become familiar with (Xmas holidays is a good time to start updating documentation ).

But I've noticed that some pages (i.e. Quickstart guide) do not have the "Edit" button while some others have ...

Any clue on how to edit these pages ?



I think you need to ask jmpoure to give you privs to edit those pages.




in theory I should have access to edit the manual. Some days ago I contacted jmpoure to give my username and become "doc writer". And I'm able to edit some pages, but in others the "Edit" button seems to be hidden ...

Hope jmpoure can help.

Best regards.


Sorry, this is a bug in Drupal.

I reverted to the previous policy,
where only documentation writers had written access to books.

You should now have write access to the whole website.

Kind regards, Jean-Michel

P.S.: Nice to see you on the Map.

Dear Friends,

I propose that any discussion about the manual takes places in this forum:

The advantage is that it will expose discussions to a larger public than using the mailing-list. 

As a result I hope that more contributors could show up and propose help.

Merry Christmas. I am quite busy preparing Christmas and compiling live CDs.

Kind regards,