How to enable waveforms?


I'm new to Kdenlive and I find it very intuitive and promising software. However, there is one feature that I could not find: how to enable to see waveforms in tracks. I searched menus all over and also this forum, but could not find that.

And the screenshot on kdenlive web page tells me that this feature exists.

Any help greatly appreciated!


You didn't say which version of Kdenlive you are using... please always do.
In the development version, you can go to Kdenlive Settings->Timeline->Enable audio thumbnails.
You can also just click on the small waveform icon that is on the left side of the Status bar.


i apologize. i use kdenlive 0.4 on kubuntu feisty. is it possible that this version hasn't got that feature implemented?
do you know when this development version will become stable?