How to freeze a video for a certain time


Posted this in the IRC but I didn't get any response, so here my question in the IRC:

[13:45] hello, asked this question allready yesterday, but nobody responded. seems simple, but I don't find out how:
[13:45] 1. I want to cut a movie into two parts, then shift the second part 5secs to the right
[13:45] 2. now the gap between those two movies should be filled with the last frame of the first part
[13:46] -> so I can freeze the movie on a certain point for 5 seconds
[13:46] seems easy, right :-) ? who knows how?

Tried with freeze, but I didn't get what I want...

Tried it also this way, but didn't work:

1. Cut all video-tracks (have only video) into two parts
2. Move the second parts 5 seconds to the right
3. From the left parts cutted one frame
4. Wanted to stretch that frame until the begin of the second part
-> but then it didn't stretch just the one frame! The movie just went on on the stretched part????

Please, this must be easy, but I don't get it! :-(


With freeze:
Cut the clip into two parts, move the second part to the right.
Add the same clip from the project tree to another track, apply freeze at whatever frame you want.
Trim the frozen clip and drag it between the two parts.

Or use extract frame on the last frame on the first clip and use the generated picture.


The second option worked fine for me!