How to generate proxy files for existing project?


Last time I had some problem, as after adding any file on the monitor I could see only white screen. The sound did work, but I had no screen on the monitor either on the time line. I realized that this is only with ffmpeg 0.7.8, but ffmpeg 0.10 has problems with generating any mp4 file, I wrote about this earlier:

Anyway, I did manage with this (option with ffmpeg 0.7.8) by switching on generating proxy files. With this everything is fine on the monitor or time-line, and I have made a good project.

Day after I would like to finish another old project, but after opening files with old project I have realized that again during playing on the monitor in the place of move files I had white screen (other files like titles, colors were fine).

I would like load files again to have version with proxy, but this time system did not generated proxy after adding a new movie file, so my question is: How to do this? How to generate proxy files in project, in which before I had no proxy.

I think first step would be to enable proxies in the project profile you used or assign a duplicate project profile to the old project via File -> Project Settings then tick the proxy box in file menu. It might not be File menu maybe under a Project menu. Not in front of kdenlive at the moment.

I did manage in such way. Usually you can click on any movie clip (right button) in the Clip area and choose Proxy Clip, but in my case it was grey and I could not click on it. The Sollution was to edit project file (.kdenlive) and chcanging enableproxy="0" into enableproxy="1", after this I could manually generate proxy for any file.

...or just activate proxsy in the project file. :o)

Project -> Project Settings -> Proxy Clips should do it ;)

> ...or just activate proxsy in the project file. :o)

What do you mean by that?

vylaern, the comment makes no sense if you haven't initially enabled proxies in the project profile.

Just one of those comments where the poster hasn't read the thread which isn't exactly long, your query was answered in the first couple of posts, just lots of 'clever' answers follow with wink winks and nudge nudges like you've missed something so simple everyone feels the need to point it out to you.