how to generate rendering script ?


i 'am making some test with "proxy files" .. i take hdv clip, i convert them in dv, i made the work and i wan't generate export script for change inside the name of clip (substitute dv by hdv).

But in 0.7.1 i don't see export script possibility as i found in older version ?




No, export scripts is currently not implemented. The easiest way is probably to make a copy of your .kdenlive project file, open it in a text editor and here rename all clip names, then open that copy in kdenlive to render...

Dear Nyme,

I wonder if the proxy option is workable. For small projects, sure. But for medium to large projects, there can be different timestamps and synchronisation issues. Imagine 30 minutes of video and you need 12 seconds inside a huge file.

I doubt it can be stable as a possible MLT I-frame only decoding.

Do you mean that for MLT you cant specify precise frames, but rely on I-frames to approximate the position?

Is the mailing list a better place for a technical discussion about this or where can i learn more?

Thank you.