How to install kdenlive 0.5 on Jaunty

Hi all!

I recently upgraded from ubuntu 7.10 to 9.04, but our kid who was very actively creative with kdenlive not only hates the new 0.7 interface, but it's also incompatible with her old files.

How can I install the older kdenive on Jaunty? I will downgrade to Gutsy if no other option.

hmm try uninstalling kdenlive then downloading all of the packages from intrepid relating to kdenlive from (or something like that)

 So, in essence, I have to install all these files listed here separately?

Does the order I install them matter?

Okay, I found 0.5 installer from here:

Will it work with Jaunty? I'm a complete linux newbie, so, if that package doesn't work, I'd most likely not be able even to remove the app. Any help at all?

I tried following the instructions the file above, I downloaded and extracted it, but when I got to "./configure" right after "cd kdenlive" then it told me that I've failed to properly install KDE, while I have 64-bit Gnome in any case? Help?

The kdenlive 0.5 version is deprecated. There is some compatibility with the old file format in 0.7.4, but probably some cases where it fails.

It will be somewhat hard for you to get it going on ubuntu 9.10.

I think your best bet is actually to install a virtual machine, then install ubuntu 7.10 inside that, then install kdenlive 0.5 in that.

Perhaps virtualbox for the vm, then grab ubuntu 7.10 from some mirror,

The new latest version 0.7.4 is really nice and much more stable than 0.5 ever was (at least for me). As harsh as this sounds, if it were me, I'd start fresh with a 0.7.4. It's the future of kdenlive and it's getting better with every release. There are still a few bugs, but they are being worked out by the developers quickly. It's amazing how far they have progressed in the last 3 months.

If you must stick with 0.5, you could install an old Ubuntu version or try the virtual machine. But a virtual machine and video editing is probably not a good idea unless you have a very powerful computer.

Hope this helps.

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