How to interrupt a rendering process and resume later?

Is it possible?

I have to wait abt. 6 hours to render a 30-minute video in 1080p 25fps HD format. If I make one little change somewhere, I have to do it all over again!

Otherwise, it works OK.



Interrupt, change and resume would only help,if you do not change parts that have already been rendered. And it is not supported by Kdenlive.

Render the complete movie in highest quality, when you are done with editing.

Up to then, use the preview (using 1080p you may like proxy clips) or render only that part, you want to check.

Or render the complete movie with lower quality and picture size as a preview.

Thanks ... don't know much yet about proxy clips, but it sounds like a good feature.

In the meantime, I discovered that you can render just a little part of a clip (selected zone) which makes it easier to test things. In 1080p HD, if you have any effects in place such as pan & zoom, the preview stutters pretty badly while rendering on the fly (at least with my current hardware it does).

Proxies are pretty much essential for HD whatever hardware we have as kdenlive / MLT / ffmpeg doesn't really make use of hardware acceleration, OpenCL or CUDA type technologies other than vdpau for certain formats as a compile option I think, but may be wrong about vdpau.