How to make a HDTV-slideshow with random transitions?

I didn't find an easy way to make a a HDTV-slideshow with random transitions.

There is which worked more or less, but asked me a lot with every image and produces an old format.

My source are jpg-images in the size of 1280x720 (HDTV 720p)

I want to select all jpg-Fotos from a folder and 1 mp3-file.

I tried "Add slideshow clip" and in the following dialog I could not enter what I want.

I would prefer to enter the time of the music, which should calculate the duration of every image. Ok, I can calculate this myself too and define the duration of every image.

When it comes to transition, I don't know how to go on.

eg. I want that every image lasts 7 sec. and there is a simple fade-in/out for 4 seconds, as an easy example.

If I know how to do this, I would like to know how I can change in existing timeline the fade-time to 2sec for the whole clip?

How can I define random transitions, when I import the images to the timeline?

well you have only to select 1 photo, after you have added photos to the project, to create a project or it will ask you parameters for each photo.

1 select every photos
2 right button add to project
4 create kdenlive project

OK, I'm not getting it! Is there a way to select a group of photos and add them to a project, interspersing them with random transitions like OpenShot?


- In the project window right-click and select the option "Add Slideshow Clip"
- Move to the folder where your images are (note that you only see the folder, not the images inside. so if you only want to select say 25 out of 50, you need to copy/move these 25 to a separate folder)
- Once your images have been added you can select slide duration, transition, transition time, etc.. Don't forget the
frame duration (slide duration).
- You can also add pan&zoom under animation (so called Ken Burns effect)
- When you're done, the SlideShow clip is added to your project window and you can add it to your timeline

Note that when loaded you can't rearrange your photos so make sure they are in that folder in the order you want them (by date/time, name or something else).

Play around with it until you're satisfied.

EDIT: If you are using proxies then wait until your proxy is finished. I had some weird effects when I was too fast and immediately dragged the clip onto the timeline.