How to manually generate proxy clips


How can I manually generate the proxy clip for a project?

My use case is this:

* I have ~100 lectures, 3hrs each in 1920x1080
* I use proxy clips so I can scrub over them quickly
* I have a script that automatically creates the project files and imports the clips, and places them on the timeline. (Gotta love open source!)
* I would like to pre-load the proxies, so that when I double click the project file the project is ready to edit, proxy clips and all.

So far I'm doing

* use ffmpeg to create the files in my project directory (/home/jason/kdenlive/proxy/)
* use the same encoding settings as in my project settings
* name them somehow.

The last bit I need help with is figuring out the name: does it use an MD5 hash or something? I have names like "5e28b31dc5b3d3745f663730848f57b4.ts" and "57ca88458751678cd569e600a89a7c06.ts". Any help would be greatly appreciated