How to mark-in/mark-out a section of a clip for copy paste elsewhere

Didn't know which forum to post in, so it's here. A general use question: I'd like to mark-in/mark-out a section of a clip that's already in the timeline in video track 1, and then "copy" that section for paste in places elsewhere in video track 2 in the timeline. How to do it? Thanks in advance. Oh, BTW, not a video professional here, but I do find kdenlive to be as powerful and useful as ANY of the mass-market NLE tools out there -- in fact much, much more so. And it just keeps getting better.

Well there is no way to mark parts of a clip in timeline. So you either need to set the in / out using the clip monitor (you can right click on the clip in timeline and select "Clip In Project Tree" to open the clip in the "Clip Monitor" - then you can use zone in / out to select your zone and drag & drop from the monitor into timeline.

The other possibility is to copy the entire clip in timeline and paste it on the other track, then resize this copy.


Thank you very much j-b-m. I started to use your advice and it looks as though I can do it easily. I started to move along my original clip and use guides to mark the in/out points so that I can easily find them in clip monitor. Then I mark in/out in clip monitor and drag to the new video track. I'm doing this for each pair of in/out points I marked with my guide pairs. It's working just fine. I found out I need to split out and un-group/delete the audio part of the clips so as not to interfere with my main sound track(s).

This is a very nice way of doing it because I can map my entire project in skeleton form and it helps me to always see the big picture. No pun intended though!