How to mix audio chanels in Kdenlive?


I would like to make a movie with comparation of mic from camera with external mic.

On Video1 track I have a movie from which I splited an audio into Audio1 track.
On Audio2 track I have a sound from external mic. (Audio2 is sync with Audio1 and Video1)

It is possible in Kdenlive to do something like in this movie:

It means, for few seconds video is with Audio1 track, for antoher few seconds with Audio2 track.

Thanks for answers.

Hmm.. you can change the volume of an audio-track with keyframes, so thats no problem.

Could you explain this, or give me a link to any tutorial, please.

Hi, If it's a simple change from one audio channel to the other and back again,it's quite easy.

Move the timeline pointer to your first changeover point, select audio 1, right click and select cut clip. Without moving the pointer, select audio 2 and again - cut clip. Move the pointer to the next changeover and cut the clips in the same way.

You can do this as many times as you like. Now from the Effect List - Audio correction, drag 'Mute' to any of your cut audio sections.

Many thanks normcross,

I did it by time pointer, it works fine! :)

I have another question about timelines in this example. Before Video1 track is few seconds of black, and Audio1 (extracted from Video) timeline is different than Audio2. Both Audio tracks have the same lenght and start in the same place, both are sync perfectly, but when I am doing effect - Volume(Keyframable), the same point in Audio1 is 00:00:12:21, and in Audio2 is 00:00:24:01.

I did manage aproximatley, but it could be much easier for me if both traks hafe the same timeline.

How to do it?

Is the audio in mp3 format? I have had issues with mp3s going out of sync in projects. When the project is played from the start, the audio is in sync, but clicking around in the project and the audio is in-correct. I have found that converting to wav fixes this

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