How to render a 240 x 144 video with kdenlive?


I'm going to need to render a 240 x 144 AVI video, either uncompressed or Microsoft RLE codec.

This is for a large format digital LED video sign.

I don't see any obvious way to set up the AVI render so I thought I would ask if this is possible with kdenlive or if I will need to fall back to Windoze and a video editing program there?

If I've missed something in the docs please point me to the appropriate spot in the docs.

Thanks in advance,


You could use the rescale option in the render gui, or create a custom render profile and I guess, as I haven't tried, use the -s parameter to scale your video down, or probably better still if that's the only resolution you want, create a custom project with that resolution and all source material will be scaled on import if you ignore the warning at import, if you have that 'warn' option ticked in your kdenlive config preferences.

Thanks for the tip.

Since I couldn't select the rescale option as it was greyed out I created a custom profile and that appears to work.

There are still some issues with kdenlive on Ubuntu 12.04 where I don't appear to be able to render directly to an AVI format for some reason that I haven't tracked down yet. So I rendered to a lossless format and then converted to avi from there.

AVI is just a container to put your video stream in whatever codec you choose, as long as it's a supported combination of codec + container.

Not sure if ffmpeg encodes to Microsofts RLE but if you mean raw 'YUV' as your uncompressed alternative, then I think MLT, the media handling system that kdenlive uses has just had a patch for raw uncompressed 'YUV' output committed.