How to request a new password

Dear Friends,

Kdenlive was migrated from PhpBB to Drupal system.

We migrated accounts (name, posts, information)
but unfortunately, we were not able to preserve passwords.

Users who registered on the old forum will need to request new passwords.
Users who registered on the website do not need to request a password.

To request a new password:

Kind regards,

Just wanted to add that requesting a new password also means that you get access to posting comments on the main web. Likewise, the wiki is beeing replaced by the Drupal site. So, you now only need to have a single login to post forum comments, website comments (its actually the same now) and contribute documentation.

A big step forward, thanks Jean-Michel!



P.S. You still need a seperate login to report issues in the bug database, but all in all a great improvement.