how to reuse group of effects


me being curious again ..
I use some set of effects with same settings very often. Is it possible to save this set and reuse it by sort of "one click" rather than setting up everything from scratch for every clip? Many thanks.


A couple of ways, just select a strip with an effect on you want and 'Copy', then go to the clip you want to apply the effect to and choose 'Paste Effect', rather than 'Paste', all in the RMB menu.

Or you can create a grey color strip with RGB values of 128 for each channel, then put that 'neutral' grey strip above a video / image strip and add an 'overlay' transition, then apply the color effects to the grey strip, you can then apply an effect over a number of movie/image strips below or part there of.

One thing I don't see is control over the opacity of a transition like 'multiply' or 'overlay' which would be good for fine tuning and keyframable.

Copy - paste effects works, many thanks