how to rotate a 1080 recording 90 degrees and fit hight (1920) in 1080

a 1080 recording where the camra was rotated at 90 degrees.
now to add this clip in a video it has to be rotated and scaled

I should be able to do this by two effects:
1) rotate and shear and 2) scale and tilt ...

now with 1) I can rotate the 90 degrees (fine)

while with 2) I am not able to scale the hight of 1920 down to 1080 and in order to maintain relation the 1080 to 607. so I stay with my clip where head and feet are cut off

I really cannot find out how this effect should work...

now in rotate and shear there could be a workaround:after rotating in x the 90(there is actually the need to introduce 900 to do so) degrees and subsequently rotating in y and z a certain amount of degrees should fit the cilp into the window. The z rotation is done well, but alas the y rotation does not the expected -----> error in the transition

please someone fix this silly error, awaiting a correct scaling effect

thanks in advance

Just had a play with this. It gives you a thin video down the middle but it seems to do what you're after.

Just add rotate and shear. Change the Width to 1080 and the Height to 607.
With the aligning tools underneath, click align centre-vertical and centre-horizontal.
Now change Rotate X to 900.

annother solution without changing the progect:

scale and tilt: scale x and scale y set to 28; tilt x to 1172; tilt y to 655
rotate: rotate x set to 900

while this works I still do not understand the numbers (I found by trying)

¿does anybody have an explanation?

thanks for comment