How To Sell

Okay, so it's not for sale, but the principles remain the same.

Make it easy.

I've tried downloading to Ubuntu, and got the No MDL whatever message.

Responses have been 'Just use this patch' or 'Just use a whatever repository' or "We've explained this many times you idiot".

Really, not being a geek, you might as well prescribe a suppository instead of a repository. So here's what you need to do to solve this problem. Fix the bug....OR...provide detailed step by step instructions on how to accomplish fixing the bug.

From what I can see, the problem has been reported since 2009. In dog years, that is quite a while.

Is there a YouTube video I could watch?

Please understand, this is not a complaint, but rather a feedback from a customer who has a problem.

I know you're a bit annoyed and I can well understand that but you did make me really smile. You summed everything up very well for someone not in the "know" and believe me, I've been there.

First off, you didn't state what Youtube videos you wanted:- uploading a suppository or downloading a repository :-)

Someone else might have to step in here, but first, can you tell us which version of Ubuntu you are using and also, if possible, which version of Kdenlive you are trying to install.


The other thread j-b-m explains that the bug has been fixed. That a user needs to be on Ubuntu 11.10.

And it may be a benefit to use sunabs stable PPA if Ubuntu's own repo is a bit behind.

The bug was unfortunate and is fixed but not if a user is running outdated software.