How to speed up audio in 4.8.2

Things have gotten a lot more complicated.

There are about 80 audio effects in kdenlive, none of which seem to allow me to speed up my audio.

I don't care about maintaining pitch, I just want it sped up (Compressed)

Which of these strangely named effects do I use?

I don't know if any of them do.

My process is to render the section of audio that I want to play with, edit with Audacity, then add the newly-sped-up clip back in my KDEnlive project. It helps to split the audio from your video tracks.

Not the easiest, but it works. (Also note that if you speed up your video to 200% in kdenlive, for example, you only need to *increase* the speed of your audio by %100 in Audacity in order to match - there's always a 100% difference)

Hope that helps...