How to split video and audio automatically, when dragging to the timeline

When I drag clips to the timeline default is video and audio in 1 track. I know that a track can be splitted, but I would like that I get a video and a seperate audio track, when I drag clips into the timeline.

The feature doesn't exist, but IMHO it would be a usefull (quick ?) addition to Kdenlive.

Thanks for your answer, you are the first who replied to a thread, which I started. Maybe you cantell me, if there is a way to select _all_ clips.

BTW, I was _not_ notified of your answer, although I subscribed to it.

Using shift+click you can drag a box around the clips you wish to select. I think there's also a keyboard shortcut for selecting all clips (maybe ctrl + a ?) but I'm not 100% sure (I don't have Kdenlive right here to try).