How to submit rendering settings for inclusion in Kdenlive


using Ubuntu 8.10, kdenlive 0.7.2 from the PPA.


When i use the render options with clips from my video camera, I find that apart from the DV render, that all the other codecs options i can use give fairly blocky looking video files. The files are only abou5 5MB for a minute and a half of footage, so I wonder if there is too much compression being used.


Also, I cant see any info on any of the codecs, when i press the 'i' button in the Render Menu, so effectively, I only have one setting available for web players, media players and websites. If I use File Rendering, I get many more options, but still if I click on say 'H.264' there is nothing at all in the right hand side opposite. This is the case for all the options on File Rendering.

I'm using ffmpeg from the PPA repo, ie its a version from 15th Nov 2008, which I hope is new enough.



I managed to find the problem - I upgraded a separate install to, and all the render codecs and description when you press the 'i' button now appear.

I am guessing that I was getting the really poor rendering as I couldn't select any codecs, but it chose the first one normally on the list, which are the ones with the highest compression.

Now I have to fix it !!



Dear Julian,

We welcome any settings that you may want to modify.

To submit new settings, open a thread in the rendering forum:

Write the precise MLT settings in your post.

Kind regards,