How working with fonts?

Whenever I start kdenlive with the current project the tool reports

Titlefont Sans Serif will be replaced by DejaVu Sans

I get this message maybe since I used in a title clip not the default font.
I don't remember what font I used but maybe it was "Sans Serif".
After this time the number of nagged titles increase with the number of created title clips. Although I changed the font and saved the project.

When I open a existing title clip and select the text the gui show me that the text has the font "DejaVu Sans".

What is the problem here and why reports the tool this message ?
I used only fonts which are listed in the title clip gui.

Kdenlive 0.9.2
KDE 4.9.3 rel 4

Thanks for hints


Seems to be not a feature, or not to be, or not be to, not be or to....

Maybe you can send a report on mantis bug report ?