How would I slow down a clip to a pause?

Hello everyone,

I have recently began using Kdenlive, or have attempted, my computers are weak as hell even to Linux standards which are quite conservative.

Anyways, I fly model airplanes and I wanted to create a title which I plan on using over and over as an intro for all of my FPV movies.

Here is the basic idea... I set a camera on the ground facing the sky with some horizon, I pilot my plane at the camera and buzz it by a mere 2-5inches.

The camera is recording whilst I do this, with this footage I wanted to slow this frame down until the point of the plane just about to pass my phone. This is where it freezes and I paste a text/tile over this

How would I do this? Slow down a film exponentially to a certain point?

My phone can record 720p so I am hoping that this will be enough for some nice crisp clips.

How would I go about doing this?

Thanks for the help

Thanks a lot dude!

Damn it, I just failed at compiling this program
Could someone step by step define the compiling? I attempted to follow the program writers tutorials
I am just a noob with linux

I had gotten as far as using the debian code for compiling but then I can't run the last two compile commands

I compiled it and it runs great except that I can't render anything. Upon rendering I get an error message "Program
/usr/local/bin/flowBuilder does not exist (did you compile/make V3D?), cannot build flow!"
I downloaded Cg-3.0_February2011_x86.rpm and installed it. Is there something else I have to do?

Mageia 2011

There are two parts in the tar-ball that have to be compiled separately. First part is in the "slowmoVideo" sub-directory. The second is in the "V3D" sub-directory. Both have to be built in order to use it. One is the app itself, one is a processing library.

Cant you just cut the clip into several segments and slow each down progressively more and then where you want it to stop for a second or two just use a png then speed up the clips after the inserted png

That method would mean a lot of editing if it was to be done to many clips.

I found a way to do this using Blender