howto titler ?

i guess it's in front of me but i can't see it...
how do I mix a short title sequence upon a video sequence ?

thanks !

At least i know it is possible.
I have done this. I made a title with gimp : text on transparent background and saved it as png (png supports tranparency). Then I made an image clip from the png with the image clip tool of kdenlive. Unfortunately I forgot how i merged the title clip with the video. I am not on my linux box now. I will try to find back what i did and post it.
Have you checked ? There is a titler section in it. I haven't check all titler possibilities yet.

OK I found it back. It is simple.
Thick the "transparent background" box when you make a image clip from a gimp image.
Put the title clip with transparent background in track 1.
Put the track you want as background on track 2. Adjust track 1 where you want the title.
If you play the timeline you will see that it is OK.

You can do the same with "create title clip" from the project menu.

works like a charm thanks !
the thing I didn't get so far was that the Title clip has to be *above* the other video tracks (mine was underneath...).
The idea of adding transparent png gives me idea, thanks again !

Hi all, this is my first message here. I started using kdenlive...I found it very useful and easy.


I read all tutorial but i don't know why I can't use the titler: the image posted in the wiki page is different from mine! I'm using archlinux and the kdenlive version is!!

To create a title what I do is:

- left click on the menu: project -> add title clip

then I can just add an image, text or rectangle, but the buttons posted here, are not on my window!!!

What's wrong?

Thanks in advance