Huge "INVALID" text

I'm trying to render a project that has a deadline that is soon.

When I render, it just renders a huge text that says INVALID.


Here is a screenshot. (I attached an image but it didn't show up.)

Try saving your project, and reopen it (always a good idea to do a backup).

Do you have filenames with non-ascii characters in them? Try changing them to ascii.

We have some issues around charsets on some setups, which AFAIK, have not been resolved completely.

That happens with every file.

Does it only happen when rendering or also when playing? Which kdenlive/MLT versions are you using, and to which file format are you trying to render?

Only when rendering. It plays fine.

Kdenlive 0.7.3
MLT is from GIT
Rendering to any format causes this.

Ok, that is the problem. The git version of MLT REQUIRES Kdenlive 0.7.4 or a recent svn version. There were major changes in MLT when it was moved to git (the renderer was renamed from inigo to melt and a few other changes).

That is why Kdenlive 0.7.3 will NOT work correctly with MLT > 0.3.8

I updated MLT and Kdenlive but it's still the same.

But did you remove old MLT packages? All 0.3.x versions of MLT and MLT++ should be removed

I removed them but the problem still persists. Do I have to recompile Kdenlive? Or MLT?

You should first make sure that your mlt installation is working. In a terminal, type:

melt video.mpg

Does it play your file correctly?
If not, then you have a problem with your MLT installation.

If it works, try recompiling Kdenlive, then start it and run the "Config Wizard" from the "Settings" menu to make sure everything is correctly detected.

It plays nothing except Kdenlive projects and they just produce that INVALID text.

I installed MLT with the OpenShot build wizard - could that be a problem?

I had the same problem last week. It was a problem of permissions and, once I fixed and assigned the right permissions for the files it worked well.

Permissions for which files?

The source video files, sorry.

And what permissions should I set?

Read by owner and group, at least. Writing is not obliged, since Kdenlive will not write them.

Hi Hohoo,

I had the same problem here with an old project. After some investigation comparing a working kdenlive file and the broken one, I found out that the resource property was bogus.
Basically, you can fix this by editing your .kdenlive file with a text editor
and provide full path name (generally the project folder) to the .png files of the title. For example replace the following line:

<property name="resource" >/titles/title000.png</property>

with this line:

<property name="resource" >/some/where/over/the/rainbow/titles/title000.png</property>

Rem: note that since the file /titles/title000.png was inacessible (in fact inexistent), this was the same behavior as Vidal G. reported, but a different root cause.

I'm not opening a bug ticket yet, because I'd like to reproduce the problem first. Since it was encountered/generated with an previous version of kdenlive, it might have been fixed in the mean time (currently running 0.7.4 and mlt 0.4.2).

What would have been nice is a debug message (at least on the console) telling that the resource file XXX was inacessible.

First of all I'm pasting a post from another thread here, followed by some comments:

After rendering (with youtube profile if it matters), my title clips show up as a screen-filling string "Invalid" in mplayer.
I'm using today's svn/git versions of ffmpeg, mlt and kdenlive.

(Kdenlive rev. 3615,
mlt commit 0cd7a3adb4169bb37f8dee073205454db9a5648b Author: Dan Dennedy Date: Fri Jun 19 22:30:50 2009 -0700
ffmpeg rev. 19244)

As was pointed out by fillods, there seems to be a problem with the resource line. The "/" at the beginning of the path in the property tag seems to cause the renderer to interpret that path as an absolute path. I changed

<property name="resource" >/titles/title000.png</property>


<property name="resource" >titles/title000.png</property>

and everything rendered properly.

I thought this would be easy to reproduce, but instead it doesn't happen anymore and all titles are saved using a (correct) absolute path... :s

I just went through this problem for the last hour and found out that Kdenlive cannot read .xcf files. So if you make an image/subtitle in gimp to overlay in your video, make sure it is saved as something that Kdenlive will recognize when rendering. I used a .gif file type and it worked.

I think, after 3 years that problem would be solved or is no longer relevant.

I bumped at the same problem.
Is there any bug opened for that to follow it?

best regards,

I'm using kdenlive 0.9.2, and I get the same "INVALID" text when using XCF files. Funny thing is that the file's content is displayed properly in the preview window, but rendering doesn't seem to work. I think this is not a problem with the XML property, but something deeper.

There was a bug last year, but if I understand correctly you'll need the qimage library plugin for .xcf files part of KDE. Paul above posted to the MLT team in Oct 2012, got the qimage plugin answer so try that, this threads been dug up twice now, a quick google search using the words MLT framework .xcf provided the info.

HaHa, I just rendered a 13gb dv video file into an x264 file and

1. It rendered in 14 minutes!
2. Displayed white text "INVALID" when playing

So I cleared the clips, loaded another clip, tried some different settings, and it rendered the same.

So, I shut down kdenlive and restarted, and it worked fine rendering again.

Odd behaviour, I've never seen the INVALID text appear for any reason other than a loss of link to a clip for example on an unmounted drive or renamed folder, or if I delete an image file or video whilst that project is open and that clip is in the project tree.