I can not render properly in the formats available


i've already tried troubleshooting this in Kubuntu forums. But it didn't get me far.

i have this situaiton.

screenshot: http://ubuntuone.com/4Sqy5fuUdea3boMZ9TPzBd

the following ffmpeg thigs are installed: http://ubuntuone.com/2VQfvqngtq778qwgWiITER

every time i try to render in mpeg 4 or other formats i get the same error. it keeps saying usupported codec, yet the codec is installed i've added medibuntu repository and even a newer version of kdenlive via PPA.

i've also added: libavcodec53, libmp3lame, h264enc, libx264-120
i've deleted the config files restarted the aplication so it reconfigured...but nothing helped. codec is still unsuported.

as a bonus kdenlive forced itself as default applicaiton to open movies and such (though this might be distributions fault).

can anyone help me with this? I would really like to glue some movies of my son together and preferably add a few text "effects" to it.


Would you first like to upgrade your "upgradable" kdenlive installation as shown in the second screenshot? If not: Which version are you currently using?

Try adding libavcodec53-extra, then delete the kdenliverc file in /home/whatever/kde/config/share, I think the location is, restart kdenlive and rerun the kdenlive config.

I'd also remove mediabuntu repo, you may be experiencing compatibility problems.

I have similar problems but there is no kdenliverc file, either at that location or anywhere else on the computer.
Also, I never found any way to install libaccodec53-extra for Fedora 17 KDE.

Kdenlive version is 0.9.3. but does it matter? does older version that is default in LTS version of Ubuntu not work? if it doesn't work then why release it?


did this and the programme now crashes as soon as i add the clip to it.

not sure about dropping the medibuntu repository. i believe it might be needed by other progammes. again if it is conflicting with kdenlive then why is it allowed to be there with it? in ubuntu/kubuntu packages are managed by apt-get. if something is conflicting it should be removed by apt get. and all that is necessary should be installed along with the programme from the repositories. so if i chose to install kdenlive from repositories the version should come with all necessary applicaitons, codecs & libraries that are needed to operate the programme (unless they are nonfree). if not then why do we need package managers at all?

in short the version available in repositories should work "out of the box".

for example why would libavcodec53-extra be needed? the necessary codecs are installed. the problem is not the codecs the problem is that kdenlive is not using them and is saying they are not installed while at the same itme it is showing then as available to be used. i know the current codecs work as i can use them to re-render video in handbrake.

@marhen, please stop trolling. Sony Vegas basic or whatever else you're comparing to kdenlive is not available for Linux or Mac regardless of cost and no one has suggested kdenlive is for 'professional' use, whatever that term means.

>Kdenlive version is 0.9.3. but does it matter? does older version that is default in LTS version of Ubuntu not work? if it doesn't work then why release it?

If we wait until all software is defect free then we would release no software. So it was released because it was "ready" by some criteria decided by Kdenlive developers. Like all software ver 0.9.2 of Kdenlive has defects. So asking what version you are running is quite normal.
It is also quite normal for people to be asked to upgrade to the latest version before time is wasted chasing defects that might already be fixed.

Generally the packaging of the Linux software works quite well. Yes Kdenlive has had some issues now and again with codecs and rendering. Kdenlive has been a bit of a victim of the great ffmpeg / libav schism which I believe may contribute a bit to these issues.

I suggest two courses of action on this.
1. Ask the developers of linux and kdenlive to refund all the money you paid them and then go and buy a video editor and run it on windows.
2. Deal with the issues that arise every now and again with free and open source software.