I Can't Change Text color in Title Clip

I installed Kdenlive on a Mac OSX 10.7.1.
I tried to insert a title clip, but i cant't change text color, border color or what else in text or background, the square with color is black and i can't change it.

Thank you for help.


Which Kdenlive version? Unless you have a recent git development version of Kdenlive, it might be necessary to unselect / select again the object before being able to change color...

I tried to select only text, the box around the text, to select and de-select all ecc.
It seems that all the "color box" doesn't work: grid with the choose of color don't appear by clicking the box.


The version i installed is and KDE 4.7.4

Topic Solved,
I don't see when i click on color box it open a new window (always in background), moving windows i could change color everywhere (text, borders, outline etc).