Idea for Transition - Evaporate

I came across this transition while playing 1080 snowboarding, and thought it was very effective, especially for fade to blacks.

You can view the transitions on this video ( at 0:08, 0:26, 2:10, and 2:44. As far as transitions go, this style is pretty good, and I could see it being used in many different genres of videos effectively.

I want to fiddle around with this idea, see if I can create something like it.

Any thoughts?


Success all around.

To view an example of the transitions, I created this youtube video: - I ended up creating some fractal ones, which ended up being my favourite.

You can download the files here:

To install them, place the images in this folder: /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdenlive/lumas

 To install them, just open up kdenlive, and goto Settings > Download New Lumas


I think this can already be done using your own luma transitions.


There's some information on this page - - but it's best to experiment yourself I guess. Just look for the 'lumas' folder and add your own transition!

Very good Weevil, the imagefile luma transitions are exactly what I need.



I have had great success, I made a video showcasing the transitions I ended up making. The last 2 were what I was going for, but the others are really interesting as well. Check them out at:

Whats the best I can upload them an make them available for anyone who wants to use them?

Please upload your luma files to

That way, all users can get them in Kdenlive:
From the "Settings" menu, select "Download new Lumas..."
and you can install it in a single click!