Ideas for New Plugin / Killer Feature "video stabilization"

Hey everyone,

First big thanks for that great work... I am useing kdenlive since the first public release of that tool....
Now i want to say something ;) But first, sorry for my bad english my native language ist german.

I am working in a nursery school / kindergarden and sometimes i film the children outside. But i many situations the children make "vibrations" (sry i cant explain it better)... The Video is unstable and i cant but this videos on dvd, cause it looks like an earthquake. So i useing mgaix Video Deluxe (the only cause for windows xp on my pc)... This program has a build in Video Stabilisator that make the frames more "stable".

I want to get this killer feature inside of kdenlive? I dont know if that is possible?

Thx for Anser!