Image Stabilization

             Any chance of seeing an image stabilization program included in the software? It would be great for those who use pocket cameras like the Flips.


It would be great to see this feature in kdenlive.

At present I'm considering using Deshaker with Virtualdub (using XP in Virtualbox, I don't believe it runs under Wine yet) to stabilise my snowboarding videos, before bringing them into kdenlive to edit.


Just to let everyone know - the Deshaker plugin for Virtualdub works perfectly under Wine 1.1.16.
It is really easy to stablise a video, I just followed this quick guide

Codec support could be a bit of an issue, but this does offer a solution for stabilising shaky video clips, which can then be passed in to kdenlive for final editing.

I would love to see something like Deshaker as a plugin for kdenlive.

It would be great to see this feature in kdenlive.

I realise this is a long shot...but..

What about developing some sort of AviSynth/VirtualDub wrapper, so that these filters could be used in kdenlive.
That would open up a huge amount of filters to kdenlive, including Deshaker:

Although to be fair, Deshaker still requires two passes and is quite a manual process (although this gives it a lot of power), whereas it would be nice to have image stabilisation similar to iMovie, which is dead easy to use.


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+1 for image stabilization feature and can anyone here make head or tail of the Frei0r plugins, or point me at a resource that shows what each does, how good a job a plugin does, I've searched this site and Googled but find nothing but obscure bugfix stuff and a wacky Piksl site. :-)

My comment here:

Smoothly-animated pan and zoom is a pre-requisite.