Images with transparent background?


I am trying KdenLive for the first time, it seems quite nice and I started a project.

In this project I edited a image to get a transparent background (with the grey squares) and exported it to png(tried other formats too).
Then I imported it to the clips (with the transparent background cheked), but when I put it into the timeline on the top track it shows a black background and not the track bellow as I expected (sometimes a white background when I did experiences with gimp).

Anyone knows want I am doing wrong?


Did you ad a transition to the clip?

Right click on the clip in the timeline, and choose Add transition, and chose (I think) composite.

Kdenlive does not automatically add transparency to images with an alpha channel.

It's even more difficult: if you have no other clip to compose with, mlt will not use transparency and the result will look ugly. In such cases make sure you explicitly compose with a black clip.

So, in any casee you need to compose single image clips with transparency with another clip, even if that other clip is black.


Thanks for your reply to both of you, and BTW it does insert automatically the fx (compsoe like you said), but at the end of the day this was really a big NOOB mistake, as I was putting the clip in the wrong place!

Again many thanks for your reply.