IMHO need to release Kdenlive/MLT soon

Dear friends,

I noticed that many user on the forum are testing and debugging Kdenlive 0.4 and MLT 0.2.3, which are deprecated versions.
Very few people are testing the SVN versions, or there would be more bug reports.

IMHO we really need to release Kdenlive / MLT in their present SVN versions.
It will allow people to benefit from a more stable environment. Also, it will help discover bugs.

The is no "perfect" free software.
A monthly release for Kdenlive / MLT would help the community digging in the code and working in teams.

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I fully agree. (I avoid installing SVN).

Yes, I also agree. Dan, do you think you can prepare the MLT release or are there still issues you want to solve ?


I just released mlt 0.2.4

ddennedy wrote:
I just released mlt 0.2.4

Would you mind releasing mlt++ too? I know nothing has changed except some Makefile, but ...


As I made a few changes related to aspect ratio issues in Kdenlive, I will wait one or 2 days to see if there is a show stopper bug introduced by these changes and then release version 0.5, so that it should be released by the end of the week.


I will not be making a new release of mlt++ just to coincide with a mlt release. However, I do think the bindings need some updates. However, I am not sure what my timeline is for that.

Does mlt 0.2.4 support HD DV?

I've been eagerly awaiting the 0.5 release of KDEnlive so I was very happy to read of a new dvgrab (with HD support!) / mlt release and especially an impending KDEnlive 0.5! kdenlive is actually the first project I've ever monitored for a new release on (which I've been registered with since 2001!). I've not tried the post 0.4 svn versions but I've heard lots of good reports on the upcoming release and it sounds like it will be a significant update and a good boost for Linux multimedia and hence its suitability as a desktop platform- can't wait to test it out!

I'm hoping this new release will be out in time for inclusion in JackLab 1.0 rc1. If not I'm sure 0.5 will make it into JackLab 1.0 final and it would be the icing on the cake for this landmark distro!

Thanks to all the KDEnlive team for the great work - keep it up!

Dan MacDonald + Team JackLab

Please release today!

I explain better... tomorrow I leave for a week of vacation where I plan to deal with about 10 hours of DV recordings I have on my hard disk. Of course I won't have access to Internet.
I would like very much to use the new version of Kdenlive to work with my shots, but I've to install it before tomorrow.

So, please... release today! =)

If not, I will try SVN. Does the current SVN version of kdenlive works well with released mlt 0.2.4?

Not sure I can manage to release today... otherwise tomorrow. so if you can, just use the svn version, unless any major issues happens, Kdenlive 0.5 will be an exact copy of the current svn version. It works well with and requires MLT 0.2.4


IMHO there is one issue remaining : I can work without crash during 2 hours if I click on Play/Stop, etc ... But if I move the cursor by hand, after 10 minutes or less, Kdenlive will crash. I can live without playing with the cursor. By the way, JB, are you using an OpenGL accelarated card, like an Nvidia card?

Yes, maybe I just fix the problem with pip transition parameters not always saved, but as soon as I get some free time I prepare the release. And yes, I have an Nvidia card using nvidia drivers, but Kdenlive also crashes regularly because of the problem described by Neil at:


But it seems to that this issue is related to FFMPEG and MLT when a frame from the video cannot be decoded... as Neil stated on MLT's mailing list.


Thats great news jbm!