In "Import Slideshow", include option to do frame timing in FPS instead of seconds per frame

I'm using Kdenlive to import renders from Maya or Blender and add titles and sound. Import Slideshow works great for this purpose, but it'd be nice if you could specify frame duration in FPS instead of the other way around. Often animators work at 24fps, for example.

Now implemented in svn, you have a combo box to choose between timecode format (hh:mm:ss:ff) and number of frame per image, hope it is want you wanted.


It sounds like that could work. If you have your sequence at the same framerate as your animation, then setting it to one frame per image would be correct.

But, what if your sequence is at 30fps, but you've animated and rendered at 24 fps? Sometimes that's a handy framerate for animators because you can divide a second into quarters, for example, which you can't do cleanly @ 30 fps, etc. So there one frame is .04166666 seconds; at 30 fps one frame is 0.033333 seconds; so each image would have to be 1.25 frames. Which is an easy calculation to make but kind of tricky for humans. So I guess what I'm looking for is an option where you set the images per second of your animation image sequence, and it converts that into the correct image durations for the time base of your editing sequence.