Importing XML / Westley into timeline

Is there any way to add a Westley XML file to the project and have it appear on the timeline as the distinct clips that comprise the file? Or a way to convert Westley to a Kdenlive XML format?

By Westley do you mean a .mlt file? If so yes you can just add it to a project like any other media, including drag/drop.

Hello again Yellow. Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I see that you can add them to your project, but Kdenlive treats the entire MLT as a single clip, just like nested sequences in Adobe Premiere.

In other words, if you have several different clips that make up the MLT (which is usually the case), is it possible for Kdenlive to read them still as separate entities (extract them out of the nested sequence) and add them to the timeline as separate clips, just as they are inside the MLT?

Thanks again for your help.