Impossible to edit NTSC files


This is issue 108 :

I open a thread on the forum, as it is quite important of US users.

Latest Kdenlive does not seem to support NTSC movies.

I can play the files in inigo witout problem.
I can add files to Kdenlive tree, but cursor stays on zero and I cannot play sequences.

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Okay, I am bringing more info :
* create an empty NTSC 16:9 projetc in Kdenlive.
* locate NTSC DV or AVI files.
* frag and drop files on project does not work.

Can you reproduce ?

which version of kden are you using?

Always latest SVN versions of Kdenlive/MLT.
Usually my bug reports are real bugs.
I don't understand why native NTSC wide does not work.
I will make a short 5 seconds films and post it on internet for testing.