Improve titler - inspiration from Kino

This screenshot is quite self describing: ... r_fx_2.png

Most important is outlining the text as there is currently no easy way in Kdenlive to achieve this apart from drawing the whole text clip in Gimp or Krita.
In Kino you can outline any font. You can choose color, opacity and size for the outline.

The implementation should not be so hard, there are basically two fonts, the smaller is drawn on top of its "shadow" sibling, which is of the same font but slightly bigger size.

The padding - or semitransparent box under the text - is very usefull too. But there is the way round in Kdenlive right now. Create an PNG with semitransparent box of desired size and position in Gimp, import it to Kdenlive, put it on a separate video track under the text clip. You have to experiment a little bit, as there is another bug in transparent text clip editor making it harder to match positions of the text and the underlaying box. This way is not so flexible as in Kino, especially regarding the rigid size of the imaged box. But at least, there is some way round.

Positioning of text is already more flexible in Kdenlive. So this is OK.

Fading in and fading out can be also achieved in different ways right now.

Cinelerra provides only dropping shadow functionality which is not so effective as semitransparent text outline.

well there is a basic titler in 0.6svn, its great for small captions etc.

I draw the intro-titles in inkscape, save it as svg-template, change only texts
and export them as jpeg. You will never get all the good features of a
vector drawing app in a movie titler.

Some kind of template support would be great:

I think about settings like

- font-style, size, font color ... styling things
- textbox position, their colors, transparency
- or even some kind of basic animation like textblock fading on as seen on powerpoint :mrgreen:

to save them away under a name
as a template for later re-use in new Text Clips!
Change only three words for a new title or caption.

Great for a consistent look across different projects.

You can have pre-made templates for download!
Like the luma transitions.

Just as a note for anyone who tries to implement outlining, it is *not* as simple as just having one font smaller than the other. This technique is fine for drop shadows however.

For outlining, consider a character such as a B,or and O. In order to outline, you need to add an edge on both the inner and outer edge of the strokes that draw the character. If you simply shrink the O, you may get an edge on the outside, but you would not get an edge on the inside.

To do it using this techinique, you would need to actually need to draw it twice with a thicker or thinner stroke, but I'm not sure how 'correct' this would be, as in, I don't know if the outline would come out of even thickness all the way around.