Indie game trailer: The Undergrounder

hey guys!

Almost a month ago I published the first trailer of the indie game I'm developing: The Undergrounder.
The video is embedded on the website, but it's also available on youtube and vimeo.
Any feedback/comment is welcome.

Now some geeky details:
The recording was made with (gtk)recordmydesktop and the editing with Kdenlive .
I experienced several crashes during the editing, but overall I was pretty impressed by Kdenlive, especially regarding the ease-of-use and I'm looking forward to use the upcoming 0.7.8 for the next video. Keep up the good work! ;)

Game as well as video look very professional.
Looking forward to a release and more videos.

Thanks ttill :)

Closed beta is now open for registration (Linux and Windows only atm), if you're interested join the testing and help us ;)

Yesterday the trailer got published on Game Trailers!
Hope Kdenlive developers will be as happy as I am :)