Install on Arch Linux, cannot find mlt profiles or melt [mysteriously solved]

I've installed mlt 0.5.10 and kdenlive 0.7.8 from the community repos for x86-64. I have to start kdenlive with --mlt-path to get to the config wizard. It asks where the MLT profiles are, I say /usr/share/mlt/profiles, then it says error starting melt, MLTs SDL module not found. Please check youe MLT installation.

What am I supposed to check? I can run melt from the command line, it's in the path so I'm not sure why it cannot be found, and I just don't know about the profiles or the SDL module.

Strange however that I can run kdenlive as root and the wizard finds everything. And I'm using a global bash profile.

I know this has been discussed before, but I have not been successful following the other suggestions, such as removing the frei0r plugins or .kdenliverc, since I don't have this, probably because I have not completed the wizard. At least it is not an Arch related problem. I have removed and reinstalled the applications and all libmlt*

Perhaps someone already has a solution for me?

Why do you have to start Kdenlive with --mlt-path?

because I just see the config wizard for about 0.5 secs before it disappears and dies and I cannot see the errors. The only option I know is to start it with a command that will wait for input so I can see what the darned thing wants.

[edit] just got an update to KDE 4.6 and in turn I deleted my .kde4 directory - not sure which fixed this but now kdenlive is working.