Installed 9.10 package on Mint 8

Live USB Key (no persistence) of Mint 8 (Ubuntu 9.10 reworked) :

I added this PPA repository to -
Mint menu : Package Manage (Synaptic).. Settings.. Repositories.. Other Software :
deb karmic main

Kdenlive 0.7.6-0ubuntu0~karmic4 appeared in the list, I ticked the box to install, along with dependencies (ignored the warning about unauthenticated packages), and it installed. No terminal command lines needed.

It ran at first, allowed set up options, then before opening the main window, it crashed.

I tried again, and this time I got in OK. It's now playing an MJPEG MOV file but with awful sound (probably because I'm running Linux the slow way via USB key)

It's not really usable like this, but it's good enough for a newcomer (i.e. from the world of Windows) to load it up and have a look around.