Installing kdelive on Ubuntu 10.04

Can anyone tell me what commands I need to run in terminal to:

1. add kdelives source for ap-get
2. install kdelive with apt-get


Kdenlive is already in the ubuntu repository.
just use aptitude install kdenlive
or in the Ubuntu Software Center...

You plan to use the source code make?

apt-get install:
sudo apt-get install kdenlive

sudo apt-get install cmake
sudo apt-get build-dep kdenlive
cd /dev/shm
sudo apt-get source kdenlive
cd kdenlive(Tip: Press the Tab key)
cmake ..
make && sudo make install

Of course, you may need to install the KDE4 desktop.

i used the default lucid repo's for kdenlive but i did add a PPA for melt which is this:
deb lucid main
deb-src lucid main

i also am using x264 from git and ffmpeg from svn per this google bash script here:

using .5.6 melt from sanub's ppa along with ffmpeg from svn (r25041 or r25042) as of today does NOT work for me anymore. it produces almost zero length file. something isn't jiving for me anymore. so i can't render in x264 or xvid anymore.

ok. i had a major brain fart and apparently kdenlive was writing zero size files because my hard drive that kdenlive was trying to save the rendered file to was full. Now I am all good. I ended up with this combination of software.

ffmpeg = medibuntu repo (SVN-r0.5.1-4:0.5.1-1ubuntu1)
libavcodec-extra-52 and all other ffmpeg libraries (4:0.5.1-1ubuntu1+medibuntu1)
mlt = sanub2 PPA (0.5.7+git20100907.c8b11129-0ubuntu0~sunab~lucid1)
kdenlive = sanub2 PPA ( )

I will say the new kdenlive has a slicker look and I can now see the audio wave pictoral within the timeline so I know where to cut if I am looking for a no audio point. I can now encode to x264 and aac again. I love it!!!

Hi, packages ready for Maverick (ppa), go to the download section of this website for more information.

sanub, don't mean to point out the obvious but I don't see a link in your post.

quoted from you above, "go to the download section of this website"

Well, I did try to do some cleanup in the website, but if users don't even see the "Download" entry in the top menu, then I don't know how to make it easier...

i apologize, when someone writes "download section of this website", i made the wrong assumption and was looking for a link within this thread to take me to "that website" but you literally meant "this website", kdenlive website. I found what you were talking about. again, sorry for my stupidity. Thank you